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Compare quotes on: Underseal and rust protection - Save on avg. 27%

Price on underseal and rust protection

On Autobutler, we believe in transparency and fair prices. Below you can see the average prices for different car brands and how much you can save on comparing offers.

Make Avg. price Min - max
Citroën £ 422 £ 350 - £ 498 Get quotes
Ford £ 342 £ 294 - £ 414 Get quotes
Honda £ 485 £ 320 - £ 588 Get quotes
Jaguar £ 442 £ 390 - £ 534 Get quotes
Mazda £ 561 £ 240 - £ 1,000 Get quotes
Mitsubishi £ 390 £ 336 - £ 492 Get quotes
Nissan £ 555 £ 330 - £ 900 Get quotes
Subaru £ 410 £ 294 - £ 552 Get quotes
Suzuki £ 379 £ 220 - £ 474 Get quotes
Toyota £ 441 £ 414 - £ 500 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

Ratings of undersealing and rust protection

Nigel P.
Toyota RAV4 (2020)
Excellent service and very friendly staff
Abdul B.
Mercedes-Benz E-CLASS (2013)
The issue on my car was Hill start problem went to them found the problem, ordered the part and f...
Tomas Z.
Peugeot 308 (2014)

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Compare quotes on: Underseal and rust protection - Save on avg. 27%

Rust treatment keeps the rust at bay


Underseal is protection from rust and corrosion

If your car is exposed to humid weather conditions or stone chips, this requires a high-quality undersealing. When the car is new, it is vital to be foresighted with undersealing. The undercarriage is extremely exposed, and if the surface is damaged rust is imminent. Stone chips, snow, sleet, and the humid British weather are all factors that can damage the undercarriage coating.

What is undersealing?

Undersealing is to prevent both corrosion and to close already existing holes in the undercarriage coating. Undersealing must be carried out in an efficient and correct way and must include not only the undercarriage, but also the wheel housing, panels and other exposed areas.

When an undersealing is applied, you also benefit in another way. The inner wings cause wheel noise, but when you use a rust protection product you also obtain a noise reduction.

Undersealing is rust protection

Often you come across the term rust protection, which is exactly the same. An undersealing IS to prevent corrosion on the exposed parts of the car. A rust protection just means that you are trying to prevent rust whereas an undersealing gives you additional benefits. Therefore, the term undersealing seems more appropriate since it is not only a question of removing or preventing rust, but also very much a question of making sure that there are no damages on the various parts being treated.

Undersealing warranty

When your car receives undersealing treatment, you also receive a treatment warranty. As a general rule, such warranty is subject to certain conditions. It might, e.g., be a condition that the treatment – as mentioned earlier – is to be repeated after a certain number of years.

The warranty is NOT valid if you run into a kerb, is exposed to stone chips or in some other way damages the undersealing. Therefore, it is important that you inspect your car regularly, e.g., by booking a service check with your mechanic, such check preferably to take place before wet and salty roads cause undercarriage damages.

Most car brands have a factory warranty (applying to corrosion of undercarriage and side members) of 5, 7 or 10 years. However, it is a prerequisite that the rusting stems from the inside of the car. If you have not protected your car well enough or done nothing to protect the car when it had visible damages, then the warranty is not valid.

By giving your car an undersealing treatment, you make sure that your corrosion warranty is valid. Also, you protect your budget against unnecessary garage bills resulting from subsequent sheet metal work, or from some other work to be done on the car as a result of rusting.

Varying prices for undercoating

The price for underbody sealant can vary which is where we can help. will give you quotes for rust treatment from garages in your local area. All garages and mechanics have to comply with a strict repair agreement, and they are assessed by the toughest judges: customers – which means that you can read reviews and ratings before deciding to accept a quote.

Under seal and rust protection is a great way to prevent damage to the undercarriage of your Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan, Kia or other make of vehicle. A layer of under seal provides rust protection to wheel arches and undercarriages from the corrosive salt that UK roads are treated with in winter. Under seal comes in a few different options, each with varying degrees of rust protection. A garage can apply bitumen like underseal to your Peugeot, Renault, BMW or Volkswagen. More expensive wax-based under seal and corrosion-inhibiting chemical coatings provide longer rust protection for your car.

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Compare quotes on: Underseal and rust protection - Save on avg. 27%

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