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Top 3 Toyota car repairs and services

Toyota full service

Save on average 30%, which approx. equates to £95 on a full service through Autobutler.co.uk

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Toyota brake repairs

Save on average 24%, which approx. equates to £77 on brake repairs through Autobutler.co.uk

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Toyota engine repair

Save on average 30%, which approx. equates to £233 on engine repairs through Autobutler.co.uk

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Toyota service and repair prices

On autobutler.co.uk, we believe in transparency and fair prices. Below you can see the average prices for car repairs and services how much you can save on comparing offers.

Task Avg. price Min - max
Accessories and car equipment £ 391 £ 216 - £ 566 Get quotes
Airconditioning £ 78 £ 60 - £ 120 Get quotes
Battery £ 110 £ 75 - £ 144 Get quotes
Bodywork (dents etc.) £ 329 £ 180 - £ 497 Get quotes
Brakes £ 230 £ 138 - £ 373 Get quotes
Chipped windscreen/glass repairs £ 363 £ 334 - £ 397 Get quotes
Clutch £ 517 £ 381 - £ 697 Get quotes
Damage repair £ 311 £ 120 - £ 444 Get quotes
Electrical work £ 68 £ 36 - £ 186 Get quotes
Engine £ 135 £ 54 - £ 445 Get quotes
Exhaust £ 314 £ 110 - £ 864 Get quotes
Fault seeking/diagnosis £ 70 £ 55 - £ 75 Get quotes
Gearbox/gear shift £ 71 £ 54 - £ 96 Get quotes
MOT £ 45 £ 24 - £ 48 Get quotes
Oil change £ 79 £ 65 - £ 93 Get quotes
Other jobs £ 203 £ 87 - £ 385 Get quotes
Paintwork repairs £ 368 £ 180 - £ 900 Get quotes
Rust work £ 419 £ 250 - £ 550 Get quotes
Servicing £ 115 £ 96 - £ 135 Get quotes
Steering £ 187 £ 114 - £ 270 Get quotes
Suspension / shock absorbers £ 285 £ 75 - £ 679 Get quotes
Timing belt/Timing chain £ 472 £ 323 - £ 698 Get quotes
Tow-bar £ 500 £ 420 - £ 690 Get quotes
Tyres & wheels £ 217 £ 130 - £ 343 Get quotes
Undersealing £ 441 £ 414 - £ 500 Get quotes
Wheel alignment £ 175 £ 84 - £ 527 Get quotes
Wheel change £ 34 £ 34 - £ 34 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via autobutler.co.uk, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

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Save 20-40%
Full service
Save on avg. £95

Get a complete service with a stamp in accordance with the manufacturer’s and dealer's specifications. You can save on avg. 30% by comparing quotes with Autobutler.

Fixed price
Interim service
Only £79

Interim car service for a fixed price - only £79. Includes oil and filter change with up to 4 liters of quality oil and a complete review of your car based on a 25-point checklist.

Fixed price
Oil change
Only £49

Order an oil change for only £49. This includes up to 4 liters of quality oil, installation of a new oil filter, and resetting of the oil service indicator.

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Save 20-40%
Save on avg. 20%

Save money on your pre-MOT with Autobutler. Get quotes on vision checks, periodic inspections or rectification of defects after inspections, and save on avg. 20%.

Fixed low price
Air Con service
Only £59

Right now, you can book your vehicle in for an Air Con service for just £59. Have your system checked for any leaks and re-filled with up to 150g of refrigerant.

Brake Check
Free check

9 out of 10 car owners don’t know if their brakes are safe. Get a professional assessment of your brakes for free.

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Toyota from Japan was launched in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. As the son of a well-known manufacturer of weaving looms, Toyoda had already built up a good reputation. This is how the automatic looms were used to create the idea of car production. An attempt that was to be achieved, even before the company was founded with manufacturing the first branded car, the Toyoda A1 and the GG Trucks in 1935/36.

Beginning in times of war

In the ensuing war, the company's own production facilities had to be used for the production of trucks for the Japanese military. Fortunately, the workshops were not destroyed during the war, so that in 1947 the actual production could continue. The fabrication of small cars, which initially had a two-stroke engine, could begin.

The name reflects the program

In Toyota, some 240 kilometres from Tokyo, in the town of Koromo, a strategic offensive was conceptualised in 1959, which can still be regarded as an exemplary marketing. The Koromo site, which houses the main administration as well as seven factories, was renamed to the Toyota brand name. Just as the Toyoda A1 or AA, the first prototype of Toyota in 1936 with its Chevrolet-like engine was based on the Chrysler sedan, in the same way the models that the Japanese manufacturer released later were adaptations and versions of already existing models from North America.

Same but different

The Jeep Toyota BJ, which was presented in 1951, showed for example a relation with the father of the jeeps, the Willy jeeps. Previously the Toyota pickups and the Toyota SA were produced in series from 1947 onwards with the same principle. The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser has been produced and was developed since 1951 further and still today it is. The Land Cruiser can look back on a long model history.

Advancement to a globally operating conglomerate

After the phase of expansion in the 1950s and the concept of the Land Cruiser, Toyota was able to increase tenfold its vehicle sales within the first three years. One record broke the other.

The Corolla can be found in a wide variety of models and ten generations. It is the model that should ensure the long-term success of the automobile manufacturer. The most sold car in the world was initially offered in the USA and inside Europe only in Switzerland.

Toyota, boosted by success in the US and when the 10 millionth car was produced, first ventured into the European market in 1963 in Denmark, where the company entered with model of the Crown. The models of the upper middle class such as the Crown and Corona have been distributed elsewhere since the middle and end of the 1950s.

Start in Germany and in motorsports

Before Toyota established itself in Germany in 1971, the company was already established in many other European countries. Already after the first successful season with the models Carina and Corolla, the dealer’s network and the range were expanded.

Since 1972, Toyota has built a department for the development of rally cars. Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) was founded in Cologne in 1979. Since then, numerous victories have been won, such as three times at the manufacturers' championships and four times at the world championships of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the 1970s and 90s. Toyota also took the lead in Le Mans and for example became second in 1999.

On the road

Like the permanent competitor Nissan, Toyota had gradually earned a reputation for producing fuel-efficient and quality-safe car. The most important models on the German market are the Auris and Yaris, both successor of the Corolla, Avensis and Prius in the middle class, the latter was the first Hybrid car, which was produced on a massive scale. The two-seater, the small-car iQ and the small city car Aygo are also part of the range. As huge models, Toyota offers the RAV4 and the smaller Urban Cruiser.

Among the sport cars there is the Toyota GT86: With its small size, low weight and 200 PS strong engine it could qualify as a small sports car. Also sporty, especially in the terrain is the Land Cruiser. In recent years, the company, that successfully occurs as multinational in different divisions, had to face some difficulties: The last was the severe earthquake in 2011. In order to overcome and oppose such occurrences and losses in production, the Toyota invested again in the development of innovative models, like the Sportcoupé GT86.

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